Travel: Cologne Germany (Part 1)

Cologne or Köln, as it is called by the natives, is a place of resilience, high culture and is known as the economic capital of Rhineland.

Travel for Food: El Calafate Argentina

When it came to the food of this region, I had no expectations other than to go with the flow and to be as open to possibilities as humanly conceivable. I spent three nights in El Calafate, and at that time, I found many comfortable, delicious, cheap, and inviting places to graze at.

Travel for Food: Eating Around Kandahar Airfield

Has anyone ever stopped and wonder what service members, defense contractors, and other people stuck on a U.S military base in Afghanistan ate? While the food is mostly the same whether you are in Kandahar, Herat, Bagram, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kabul, or at other small bases, the menu varies a bit based on where you go. Kandahar…

Travel: I visited Aruba

The island is gorgeous, the people are friendly and always willing to give advice. I stayed in the Noord area at Palm Beach at the Ritz-Carlton, there were other hotels, bars, casinos, and shops along the beach so, walking was always a fun activity.

Travel: How I got a Job that (kinda) Helped me to Travel

My story started in 2005 when on a random Saturday morning, I ran into a US Army National Guard recruiter while at a strip-mall. Before I dive in, I must say, this is not an advert for the military, but what happened to me after meeting “the man in the green suit” only happens to…