Tales: 愛のコリーダ In the Realm of the Senses

In the Realm of the Senses or L ’Empire des Sens is a Japanese art film released in 1976. This film tells the story of two lovers and the passion that engulfs them as ones’ obsession turns deadly. This sounds like an introduction to a Lifetime movie, one where the man or woman does something…

Tales: Flowers at a Palace

My favorite photos are always of flowers and plants for some reason. This was taken at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg, Austria. Plants and flowers are the only things in nature that are always photogenic; but never have to stop and pose, fix their face, or change their dress. They are just gorgeous naturally.  

Tales: Rural Lifestyle Expert, Fairyland Cottage

This blog is dedicated to looking at the work of Niamh Traynor, the owner, and creator of Fairyland Cottage. If I could describe the Fairyland Cottage channel, I would say that it is comforting, inspirational, and captures simple living at its best.

Tales: Rural Lifestyle Foodies (Part 2)

The YouTube channel Traditional Me is owned by Sri Lankan based, content creator Nadee. Her hobby is making delicious food for her family found in her native land of Sri Lanka and other neighboring places such as India, Malay, and Arabic countries.

Tales: Moving to Italy for 1 Year?

I believe everyone can equally say that this year has been extraordinary.  It was only around March when the reality of COVID-19 started gaining steam in most western countries, while other places were dealing with it as far back as December 2019 to January 2020.  For some, it took until mid-April for the lockdowns to…

Tales: Delight in Horror – Part 2

I swear, I will get to my horror movie list shortly, but I still have to explain why I have made this genre mine. This is the last part of the blog so take this as my Ode to Horror.  The first horror movie I truly enjoyed, made me think about what was going on…

Tales: What I’ve Learnt Thus Far…

Ultimately the best lessons I’ve consumed during these months is understanding that the world is a mad place, and it will always be. It will be no madder today than 100 years ago or 100 years from now. Just like everyone else, I march forwards with the crowd until we cannot march anymore, all while coming to various conclusions about ourselves and life, and this is what I’ve learned thus far.

Tales: What is Mauby?

For me, Mauby means a lot as its presences a past I sometimes long for, and something that in the worst of times became a source of nourishment.

Travel for Food: El Calafate Argentina

When it came to the food of this region, I had no expectations other than to go with the flow and to be as open to possibilities as humanly conceivable. I spent three nights in El Calafate, and at that time, I found many comfortable, delicious, cheap, and inviting places to graze at.

Travel for Food: Argentina Buenos Aires

I ended up in Argentina for 12 days, splitting my time between Buenos Aires and El Calafate. During my time in Buenos Aires I ate at Pani, Tea Connection, Fervor, Greenery / Verde Feria Organica, Coffee Town, La Pescadorita, Floreria Atlántico, and NEGRO Cueva de café.

Travel: 7 Days in King’s Landing (Dubrovnik Croatia)

I enjoyed my vacation in Croatia even if it took the Game of Thrones to get me to visit. I must admit I would love to visit this country again, but next time I want to visit the world heritage sites and a few other cities. My experience in Dubrovnik was very positive; the people whether they were Croatians or from neighboring countries are very nice and made this country worth seeing again.

Travel for Food: Krabi Thailand

The first time I ever set foot in Thailand was in 2014 when I visited Bangkok and Krabi. I spent 12 days in the busy capital of Bangkok visiting the MBK shopping center, Floating Market, and shamelessly riding an elephant all while soaking up the hustle of the city. I’d heard stories of Thailand for…

Tales: Rural Lifestyle Foodies

A week or more ago, I highlighted a vlogger from China who made it big by showcasing her talent of making handmade crafts and traditional foods. Her YouTube channel name is 李子柒 Liziqi and her videos range from her making strawberry wine to furniture out of bamboo. Once I subscribed to her, I found that…