Travel: My island Bequia

My motto is “just chill,” and Bequia is a just “chill island”, with plenty of warmth, color, and hospitality. The people are pleasant, and the food is awesome, I dear anyone to visit my Bequia.

Tales: Free Tales & Travel Journal

I recently discovered the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and decided to publish a series of low-content books. I created a tales and travel journal and wanted to give them away to other bloggers.

Tales: Fragrance of the Year

I like a mixture of fresh, clean smells that aren’t too overwhelming with a touch of femininity, but I also like unisex fragrances.

Tales: 31 Days of Horror

Every year since 2016, I have been taking time to watch one horror movie a dayduring the month of October. This year my theme based on movies where humans are prey.

Tales: Delight in Horror

My favorite genre of film is horror. I would like to believe that I do not have a particular category as I am always willing to watch movies about zombies, stalkers, home invasions, paranormal activities, cults, psychological thrillers, creature-features, extra-terrestrials, serial killers, foreign horror, pandemics, and my list goes on and on. I am open…

Tales: What I’ve Learnt Thus Far…

Ultimately the best lessons I’ve consumed during these months is understanding that the world is a mad place, and it will always be. It will be no madder today than 100 years ago or 100 years from now. Just like everyone else, I march forwards with the crowd until we cannot march anymore, all while coming to various conclusions about ourselves and life, and this is what I’ve learned thus far.

Travel: Abu Dhabi, Breath of Fresh Air

Visiting Abu Dhabi was like a breath of fresh air! While it may not be known to be super glitzy, fast-pace, or the party capital of the UAE, it is so much more and worth seeing for yourself. 


Travel for Food: Kandahar Airfield (Cambridge DFAC)

Back in July 2019, I reviewed the North Line Dining Facility (DFAC) on Kandahar Airfield. Now I am here to review another one of these military dining facilities again. For the past two weeks, I have religiously eaten at another newer DFAC called Cambridge. Let me take that back, Cambridge is not a new DFAC….

Travel: Argentina – Race, People, Fashion & Street Art

While I would like to say that the entire trip was terrific, I would be 100% lying if I did. It was a learning experience, and while I wish I had the same experience as the “Goats on the Road” had in Argentina, I am still happy to have crossed this trip off my list. 

Travel for Food: El Calafate Argentina

When it came to the food of this region, I had no expectations other than to go with the flow and to be as open to possibilities as humanly conceivable. I spent three nights in El Calafate, and at that time, I found many comfortable, delicious, cheap, and inviting places to graze at.

Travel for Food: Argentina Buenos Aires

I ended up in Argentina for 12 days, splitting my time between Buenos Aires and El Calafate. During my time in Buenos Aires I ate at Pani, Tea Connection, Fervor, Greenery / Verde Feria Organica, Coffee Town, La Pescadorita, Floreria Atlántico, and NEGRO Cueva de café.