Tales: Free Tales & Travel Journal

I recently discovered the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and decided to publish a series of low-content books. I created a tales and travel journal and wanted to give them away to other bloggers.

Travel: A Day at the Beach

For this blog, I decided to limit my words and use pictures to illustrate my experience. I want to present my weekend in photos from my visit to Fashion Island in Newport Beach and Newport Beach Pier.

Tales: Stories from Grandma and Friends

I am not asking anyone to believe any of these stories. I just wanted to share some of the tales that I was told. I feel privileged to listened to these stories and connected with these people on a level that made them feel comfortable with telling me these things.

Tales: Lust Caution on Brokeback Mountain (p. 2)

The 2007 film Lust Caution is one of my other favorite Ang Lee films. Considered an erotic spy drama this tale was crafted by Eileen Change a Chinese American Essayist. Lust Caution for me is a tale of how love and desire can be both our salvation and captor all at once.

Tales: Lust Caution on Brokeback Mountain (p. 1)

I cannot claim to love all of Ang Lee’s work but he excels when he makes movies about raw human emotions touching on topics mundane or taboo. The two films that stand out as the ultimate examples of his talent are Brokeback Mountain and Lust Caution.

Tales: Rural Lifestyle Expert, Fairyland Cottage

This blog is dedicated to looking at the work of Niamh Traynor, the owner, and creator of Fairyland Cottage. If I could describe the Fairyland Cottage channel, I would say that it is comforting, inspirational, and captures simple living at its best.

Travel for Food: Eating Around California, O.C. (Part 1)

I have been going to California for a few months now for work. It has only been during a recent visit where I was able to venture out in orange county to dine-in at a few establishments. The lockdown kept everyone either preparing their own food or ordering take away meals. While I do miss…

Tales: Gift Yourself!

his year being in a place of fortune, I gifted myself a few items that I take great pleasure in using and reviewing. Some are consumable items, while others, I will have for a long time or at least until I cannot find any use for them. I feel like I spoiled myself, but the most significant Christmas gift I received that couldn’t successfully be listed and reviewed was being in the company of other happy people. Sometimes I forget how contagious happiness and laughter is.

Tales: Picture this – Las Vegas!

Las Vegas undoubtedly was and is a place that helps people survive while adding to their ideas of happiness. Whether that is making extra money selling on the side of the street, gambling, drinking with friends, eating lavishly, or simply just existing in the moment.

Travel for Food Las Vegas (Chapter 2)

A few days before the New Year, I headed back to Nevada for a killer hike and to spend my entrance into 2021 in a more energetic place. Here is a highlight of what I ate and where I ate!

Tales: Shiny Things (Affordable Jewelry)

From an early age I understood that while shiny things were nice to look at, I could not own all of them. The first lesson in this came while I was in high school. We had a guest speaker who worked at a law firm and was a well-seasoned lawyer and businesswoman. She essentially spoke…