Tales: Ramit Sethi – Wants to Teach Me How to Be Rich

For a lazy saver like me, I truly enjoyed Ramit’s book not because he said I don’t have to give up lattes.  I enjoyed it because he made the journey to becoming debt free seem more obtainable, he explained 401Ks, Roth IRAs, and investments in a way that even a West Indian immigrant like me who think American laws about money and taxes are absurd can understand.  

Travel: How I got a Job that (kinda) Helped me to Travel

My story started in 2005 when on a random Saturday morning, I ran into a US Army National Guard recruiter while at a strip-mall. Before I dive in, I must say, this is not an advert for the military, but what happened to me after meeting “the man in the green suit” only happens to…